Net Radio Rip or Play

Net Radio Rip or Play 4.0

create a net radio MP3 library
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Net Radio Rip or Play Create a Net Radio MP3 Library.
Quick Features:
Rip or Play mutiple radio stations
Supports Dial-Up 56K connections
Maintain a Favorites list of radio stations
Rip MP3s from from over 7000 radio stations
Built in instructions with NEW Zion Control interface
Individual volume/mute controls for each station opened
Built in Radio Station Control Manager for multiple stations
Auto Rips individual MP3s for each song played by stations
MP3s are saved with FULL volume even if muted while ripping
Files saved are contiguous (NO GAPS) even if buffering occurs
Easily manageable directory structure created when ripping
Mini floating MP3 Player included to review ripped files

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